Monday, January 14, 2008

Morning sickness...

Morning sickness... is that what they call it nowadays? My wife been getting the frequent signs of wanting to vomit, fearing that she might lose "control"... i try to drive as smooth as possible on the roads. As a self proclaimed hell rider and someone who likes to achieve 100km/h on the expressway. It is considered a taxing task for me. But to make her feel better, i just have to tone down a little bit..( roads has just become more safer :> )

She also has the "I feel bored" or the "I am tired" look. Watching movies and shopping during the weekends was what we always like to do.But somehow or rather, she suggested to stay at home.(which is to my surprise). Even news of a great sale at a particular shopping outlet couldn't even move her from the couch. If it were the previous days... she would have been there first.

Anyone care to share your experience?


Daisy said...

haha for morning sickness, can try some food can can able to cure tat loh cos different ppl different food.. =)

jopeck said...

during the 1st trimester, mummies can feel really tired. I think that's what your wife is going through... hang in there and support her. The 2nd tri should be a lot better.


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