Friday, January 11, 2008

Taboos for pregnant ladies

The moment our parents know about my wife's pregnancy, taboos and old wives' tales
start to surround the both of us. The following lists "ordered" by our mums are...

Don't drink black coffee
Baby will be dark as charcoal.(what!!)

Don't hang paintings, or hammer nails
Abnormal growth of flesh at the ears

Don't cut anything on the bed
Not good for baby

No alcohol
Will harm the baby

Don't touch kitty litter
Will cause infection

Start eating for 2
Baby needs nourishment

Don't have sex!
No reason known, but hell no am i following this

Don't dye your hair
Will harm the baby

Don't eat sushi
Will harm the baby, heard its true

The lists are never ending!!Help me!


Daisy said...

dont have sex for e first few mths is true.. u can ask doctor for reasons cos its unstable for e baby inside.. =)

The Gals: said...

hey hey!
congracts to you & your wife!
as for the old wives tales, some are's what I know.

Don't drink black coffee - nah, this is not true. I still have 1cup of this everyday. but doc's guideline is don't drink more than 3cups = 300mg.

Don't hang paintings, or hammer nails, - not only this, dun move furnitures at home. No painting too!

Don't cut anything on the bed - no sewing on bed too. Best don't do these bah..cos what they believe is it'll disfigure the baby's lips.

No alcohol - yup! as for red wine I drink abit only.

Don't touch kitty litter
- yup, cos they have this little something that will give bb infection.

Start eating for 2 - thats not true. you 'll only need additional of 200calories per day. Must watch your diet cos excess wt you'll or harm ur child's health or have hard time getting rid of the fats.

Don't have sex - actually it applys during the 1st if you do do it, try not to press on her tummy. some mum-2-be dun feel like doing it when shes pregnant.

Don't dye your hair - due to color of chemicals

Don't eat sushi - you still can if you are 100% sure that the sushi is fresh. but dun eat too much or often. During my pregnancy I had it every mth..hehehe..

hope these helps!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Please keep up being a supportive hubby, your wife will need a lot of that when the BIG DAY draw nearer.

When I was expecting, I totally avoided caffeine but I certainly did not eat for 2! Most importantly, I kept myself very happy cos I want a happy baby!

I do take a lot of Brand's chicken essence though cos my mum made me took them to build my metabolism. Sometimes I cant help but wander if it's due to the chicken essence I took, my 2 younger girls have very long & dark eye lashes, which my hubby nor me have... :)


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