Wednesday, February 27, 2008

12 weeks pregnant!!

My wife is officialy 3 mths pregnant!!! And we can finally let everyone know she is pregnant! Since the gynae instructed us not to tell during the first 3 mths.

How's the baby coming along at the 12th week

Baby's crown-to-rump length is almost 2.5 inches and should weigh between 8 and 14 grams! You won't be able to feel your baby moving at this time. By the end of this week, your uterus is too large to remain completely in your pelvis. The digestive system is capable of making contractions that push food through the bowels and is also able to absorb sugar. This week may be the first week that you begin to feel better! Morning sickness often tends to improve or diminsih at this time. You will feel more comfortable in loose clothing, such as maternity clothes. In addition to your tummy getting larger your breasts, hips, legs and sides may be getting bigger also. Your baby develops reflexes and the skin is very sensitive. The brain is fully formed, and the child can feel pain. the baby may even suck his thumb. The eyelids now cover the eyes, and will remain shut until the seventh month to protect the delicate optical nerve fibers.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Visit to the Gynae, check the baby's neck

I couldnt accompany my wife as i cant get away from work and so she had to go alone herself. I feel so bad... Doctor had to take her blood for testing, said its normal procedure during 12 weeks into pregnancy. Anybody know what it is about?

Next was to check the baby's neck. The gynae said the baby is perfectly fine and best of all, very active in mummy's tummy!! My wife had the pleasure to watch the baby moving actively and described that the baby had surely grown in size. Now its about 5 cm.

Anyone heard of Natal care plus? Gynae recommended the pills for my wife, said it boost brain power for the baby. Anyone would like to recommend its worth? Im thinking of taking up the offer but would like to check whether is it good.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wife very sick...

Things not going well for my wife.. coughing for almost 2 weeks and after much persuasion, she decided to see the neighbourhood doctor. Knowing that she is 10 weeks pregnant, the doctor decided to refer her to SGH for a thorough checkup.. After hearing such advice, we became more worried..

We decided to call our Gynae for advice and he also suggested we go SGH for checkup.Looking at the way things are going and fearing for the safety of our baby, we decided to go SGH.

Luckily it was minor and my wife was prescribed with medicine that have no effects on the baby. We have never gotten so worried before in our lives as my wife is pregnant and if she is sick, it might affect the baby as well...

Her coughing is still ongoing, i really hope she get well soon...

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Being a practice daddy

Wah... Chinese New Year, its a bit boring. But i made full use of the time. Since there's relatives coming for visits, theres bound to be babies and children to play with. Haha!!

Relatives do give a lot tips, like how to carry the baby, burping when they are full and even how to wash their poo poo(this is unpleasant)! Since i do not want to rush off with so many things. i started with the carrying first. Babies age range from 2 mths to 1 year. And each of them require different styles of carrying.

I got to say this, carrying the 2 mth baby is slightly more taxing. First of all, she look so small and im scared i might hurt her if i accidentally held her too tight... the 1 year old is slightly proactive. Im more comfortable carrying the 1 year old.

Looking after babies are tiring and i really applaude the mommies and daddies who look after them. But its a task worthwhile. As at the end of the day, a smile from their chubby little cheeks can brighten up even the darkest time of your life...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Best wishes for Chinese New Year!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who have come across my blog, a

Happy Chinese New Year!!!
May your wishes come true and make lots of money!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Visit to the Gynae at 9 weeks pregnancy

The image of our baby is more clearly seen, we can see the hands and legs moving. I was squinting my eyes to check for the organ that will "identify" whether its a male or female...But still can't tell leh.. hehe.

Now the serious part. The gynae told us to come back on the twelvth week to check the baby's neck on whether the baby will have any illness. I am quite worried even though we are a young couple, but things do happen when you least expected it to... I belive most of the couples reading this will have also gone through this stage. Haiz...Sometimes i wonder whether im having the depressions.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Kung Fu baby?


This video is a classic.Clearly this baby is not to be messed with...

Friday, February 1, 2008

Belly watching in 9 weeks pregnancy

I have been staring at my wife's belly the past few days and was wondering whether the increase in size was the cause of the baby growing or her plainly eating too much...Her appetite varies from different timings of the day.And even when she do get to eat, she would vomit most of it down the toilet bowl. So we decided not to go for fancy restaurants and chosed hawker centers to eat out instead, as even when she do vomit, i wont see pieces of "Ajisen Ramen" or "Teriyaki chicken" being flushed down the toilet. Trust me, i saw the the mess at the toilet bowl, when my wife accidentally left out flushing. It is not a site for the faint hearted...

Funny as it may be, i do feel worried when she vomits after a meal. She's not getting enough nutrition and so may be our baby. I decided to check out ways to make her feel better, and where else to find information but to hit the local neighbourhood bookstores. Its been stated that eating biscuits might help ease her malnutrition and her three meals should be split up into smaller portions. Biscuits preferably containing carbohydrates and vitamins should be a better choice.

True as it may be, following the advice.I bought her some biscuits for her to eat while she is working. It does work, her frequent vomits have been reduced. She is feeling slightly better. And as i look at her belly again. I can see our baby is growing more healthy as mommy eats with pleasure...


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