Thursday, February 7, 2008

Being a practice daddy

Wah... Chinese New Year, its a bit boring. But i made full use of the time. Since there's relatives coming for visits, theres bound to be babies and children to play with. Haha!!

Relatives do give a lot tips, like how to carry the baby, burping when they are full and even how to wash their poo poo(this is unpleasant)! Since i do not want to rush off with so many things. i started with the carrying first. Babies age range from 2 mths to 1 year. And each of them require different styles of carrying.

I got to say this, carrying the 2 mth baby is slightly more taxing. First of all, she look so small and im scared i might hurt her if i accidentally held her too tight... the 1 year old is slightly proactive. Im more comfortable carrying the 1 year old.

Looking after babies are tiring and i really applaude the mommies and daddies who look after them. But its a task worthwhile. As at the end of the day, a smile from their chubby little cheeks can brighten up even the darkest time of your life...

1 comment:

Jarrett Lim G.W said...

Glad to see you are practicing it early!
For new borns they are soft. But if you wrap them well & tight (this is to make them feel safe cos in mummy's tummy they are well protected by our womb.) carrying them will not be a problem.


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