Friday, February 1, 2008

Belly watching in 9 weeks pregnancy

I have been staring at my wife's belly the past few days and was wondering whether the increase in size was the cause of the baby growing or her plainly eating too much...Her appetite varies from different timings of the day.And even when she do get to eat, she would vomit most of it down the toilet bowl. So we decided not to go for fancy restaurants and chosed hawker centers to eat out instead, as even when she do vomit, i wont see pieces of "Ajisen Ramen" or "Teriyaki chicken" being flushed down the toilet. Trust me, i saw the the mess at the toilet bowl, when my wife accidentally left out flushing. It is not a site for the faint hearted...

Funny as it may be, i do feel worried when she vomits after a meal. She's not getting enough nutrition and so may be our baby. I decided to check out ways to make her feel better, and where else to find information but to hit the local neighbourhood bookstores. Its been stated that eating biscuits might help ease her malnutrition and her three meals should be split up into smaller portions. Biscuits preferably containing carbohydrates and vitamins should be a better choice.

True as it may be, following the advice.I bought her some biscuits for her to eat while she is working. It does work, her frequent vomits have been reduced. She is feeling slightly better. And as i look at her belly again. I can see our baby is growing more healthy as mommy eats with pleasure...

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