Friday, April 18, 2008

A day that shouldn't be missed : Detail Scan of the baby!

Went for a detail scan of the baby this morning, and boy was i excited!!Not only did we manage to see a very clear image of the baby, the gynae managed to unravel the gender as well. And its comfirmed a baby GIRL!! Our princess is moving very actively today and as if she was playing hide and seek, the gynae took a hard time scanning for the required images. I couldn't hide my smile as we see the baby being very healthy and kicking, this is the moment where i will never miss it for the world.

I would like to tell this to all the going to be daddys, try to apply "leave" and accompany your wife to see the gynae, don't miss out the finest moments of your life!! It will definetly brighten up your day and light up your path towards being the best daddy for your child!

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