Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Big is Beautiful!!

My wife is beginning to feel that she is growing fatter! Her self esteem on her body has grown weary and she has never stopped looking at the mirror or comparing her perfect figure during her wedding days. All i get now are complaints of how to shed all those fats once she's given birth.

What i would like to elaborate is this... i understand how that feels, i do complain about my six packs forming a union.Even though its nothing compared to what the women are experiencing. But i find my wife sexy in a way that she is carrying our child...nothing in the world can beat that. If anyone should feel insecure, it should be the men! So, all the pregnant ladies out there, don't feel sad about your figure, we men love you the way you are. Enbrace the love and get set for a new life in the family. A happy mommy, makes a happy baby!A sulking mommy, makes a ...well you get what i mean...

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