Sunday, June 1, 2008

Me, the younger days


Me in the sarong 8 mths old...this explains why i am always the lazy one in the house

My grandma was keeping some of our baby photos and yet all this time i thought they were lost... As she was asking how my wife was coming along with the pregnancy, she recalled that she had a few photos of me when i was a baby. What surprised me was that she didnt keep these photos in her drawers or cupboards... but they were with her the all time wherever she goes... i am not talking about a few photos, but 2 albums! I guess she really missed the times when me and my brother were under her care many years ago...


Jiann Ni said...

HELLO! erm, just to OT a little.. came across your blog by bloghopping (: seeing no tagboard i decided to leave you a comment. haha, i'm impressed by the way you get yourself involved with your wife's pregnancy. i'm also 27 weeks and 1 day pregnant with twins, EDD is 4th Sept :D

i'm a young mummy and my bf is currently in NS, so yeah. he cant be as involved as you! nice reading your blog ^^

link me if you want to,

Hangman said...

Wow, twins?! Impressive! By the way, i added a link to your site.

bbabyREN; said...

erm. actually i am this jiann ni. LOL. linking you too!


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