Friday, July 25, 2008

The meaning of true friends...

I was drove to tears on this video... a lion and his 2 human friends whom they have not met for many years...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Approaching due date

I don't know whether to feel excited or panic as the day draws near to our baby's due date. My fear is my work commitment as getting local leave is not very easy and work seems to pile up every approaching day. Although i feel a slight bit of stress, i try to complement such situations to my benefit by being positive all the time. More work means that time will pass faster and baby's due date will eventually come nearer! i can't wait to touch her tiny fingers and her chubby face... while my wife on the other hand, is still calm and collected. I guess she's the stronger one in the household.

The lastest trip to the gynae was educational as he told us what to prepare for and what the mother will have to expect..and his que was that we have to start preparing for the check in items. Sitting like obedient school children, we listened to his advice. If only things were easier if theres a list for us to follow... i guess maybe i could form a list so that anyone reading my blog can know what to do.Hmmm... stay tune for my next posting then!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

"Violent" in Children Textbooks

I was browsing a particular book meant for primary 3 students few days ago and was shocked from the violent images being potrayed! The intent of the book was to help primary 3 students on improving their written composition.

I would not like to tarnish the reputation of the publisher but to let parents know that, it is better to browse the contents of the book first before you decide to purchase the book. You wouldnt know what your children would have been reading.

The images drawn include a man falling off a motorcycle and bled to death, a girl fell down and her face landed on pieces of broken glasses!! Theres more to it...and i really don't want elaborate more...A word of caution to all parents!!And they say the movies are violent!


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