Saturday, September 27, 2008

Top 10 must have while feeding!!


  1. Invest in a good feeding bottle, preferably those that can prevent colic and provides good measurement of volume in OZ or litres.

  2. A small napkin. Rather than using tissue to wrap around the baby's neck. Tissues wastage is not good.

  3. A mini fan. Babies tend to sweat while drinking their milk. If they feel hot, you will definitely have a difficult time feeding them as they will fidget around to be more comfortable.

  4. Cup warmer. Babies do not finish their milk at one go, they need to be burped most of the time. Cup warmer prevents the milk from getting cold.

  5. Another set of baby's clothes. Babies squirt milk like nobody's business! It's better to be prepared!

  6. Your
    own set of extra clothes. Trust me, it's gonna be messy!

  7. A glass of plain water. This is to rinse the baby's mouth after feeding that is full of milk. If left alone, their mouth would be dry. The next thing that will happen is definitely crying!

  8. A set of notepad and pen to keep track of the feeding time and amount drank.

  9. Good Sitting posture! Try to sit as comfortable as possible, feeding will take a while.

  10. Last but not least, Patience! A hectic mother or father does not improve the situation if the baby is crying while feeding. Take note that babies cry because they are uncomfortable. This is their way of communicating. How would you feel if I speak in a different language which you do not understand...?

Compiled by Pregnant Daddy,
Other suggestions are welcome

Friday, September 26, 2008

The joy of having babies!!

Although our baby cries evey night. She is plainly just seeking our attention. She maybe hungry, she may need a diaper change, she could be hot or she could be cold. She needs some burping or she needs to be held. Whatever it is she needs, we will always be there to help. We do feel fustrated at times, but whenever she smiles. Even the volcano lava will stop running and die out...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A perfect gift

Got this gift from my daughter's full month celebration. I don't know about you but i goto say this is the nicest dress i ever seen. Even though my princess may not be wearing it at the mean time. But I do hope she gets to wear it during Chinese New Year.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

When daddys talk about babies...

I was chatting with my friends this evening. Who majority were all daddys. Our topic wasnt on the ever-changing economy or newest cars on the road and neither was it the hot babes on channel 5. It was the do's and don'ts of handling your precious baby. I find it quite strange in the first place as it doesnt fit the picture when we were discussing topics on babies. 5 grown man, for gods sake! We were talking as if we were experts on baby handling!!!

Each of us gave great advices on how to handle the baby when she's crying. How to feed her correctly and even how to change their diapers without making a mess(it seems that men do make a mess while changing the diapers)!

To tell you the truth, i felt a sense of belonging. Its like Daddy becoming a Mummy, for a day....

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

28th August 2008

Today marked the beginning of a new life! Our baby princess is finally here. After so much complications we had during the pregnancy, she's finally out safe and sound!! It was really a hectic day and to tell you the truth, she wasnt even due on this day at all.

It began when my wife felt that something wasnt right with our baby. She seemed to be less active and wasnt moving much. Seems like mother instinct was right. We decided to inform our gynae and we found out that her heart beat was getting slower..

My wife had no choice but to induce the birth. Throughout the whole night, she was in estreem pain. And when the baby was out. Her umbilical cord was so twisted that it actually preveted her from breathing normally. Thank god we got her out, else we couldnt guarantee her safety if we were to delay the birth.

I guess this marks my journey towards fatherhood and possible many sleepness nights. But deep down, i was anticipating for this day to come anyway...


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