Wednesday, September 3, 2008

28th August 2008

Today marked the beginning of a new life! Our baby princess is finally here. After so much complications we had during the pregnancy, she's finally out safe and sound!! It was really a hectic day and to tell you the truth, she wasnt even due on this day at all.

It began when my wife felt that something wasnt right with our baby. She seemed to be less active and wasnt moving much. Seems like mother instinct was right. We decided to inform our gynae and we found out that her heart beat was getting slower..

My wife had no choice but to induce the birth. Throughout the whole night, she was in estreem pain. And when the baby was out. Her umbilical cord was so twisted that it actually preveted her from breathing normally. Thank god we got her out, else we couldnt guarantee her safety if we were to delay the birth.

I guess this marks my journey towards fatherhood and possible many sleepness nights. But deep down, i was anticipating for this day to come anyway...



Congrats on the new arrival of your baby princess!! :D

Hangman said...

Hey! Thanks!!


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