Thursday, December 18, 2008

My 3 months with baby

Our little girl is beginning to notice daddy's and mummy's voice. I tried to experiment a few times where i stopped talking or singing. She stopped smiling, but once i spoke a few words, she smiles again!

What to expect of a 3 month old baby??

- We notice that she sometimes refuses to drink! It can be only 30ml or maximum to 90ml. Her previous amount was about 150ml. Worried that she may be under eating, we increased the feed to every 3 hours. It helped sometimes, but her low feed still continues. Funny thing was when i was feeding while she was half asleep, she drank the whole bottle of 160ml. Any mums or dads ever encounter such problems? Thinking that this might not be serious, i decided to observe for a while ;>
- Her hands are getting touchy touchy. She likes touching the toys presented to her and sometimes she would talk in her baby language endlessly to them.
- Start cleaning your toys! Our baby keeps biting them.
- Even her mittens needs to be cleaned. Got one advice from my relatives. To separate baby clothes and clean with baby friendly detergent. You never know what she could be eating with her mittens.
- Her laughter gets louder, even the slightest movement or funny face made by you can make the baby laugh!!


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