Sunday, March 11, 2012

Instructions to parents on newborns

Well, it has been a hell of a week! Got this valuable information from the hospital when we checked out the ward. How i hoped that they were given to us before the baby was born, so that we can be prepared with whats gonna happen next. Haha, sometimes we have to learn the hard way...

Instructions to Parents
The following phenomena are normal in newborns:
1. Slight Jaundice
2. Skin dryness / Peeling
3. Red rashes on body
4. Watery Eyes
5. Hiccuping during or after feeds
6. Regurgitation and occasional vomiting after feeds
7. Mucus in the the regurgitate / vomits
8. Frequent stools
9. Stool colour - Yellow and or Green
10. Breast engorgement even in baby
11. Withdrawal bleed in vagina
12. Sneezing / occasional cough
13. Cord usually drops off at the end of the 2nd Week (See another post on what happen if the cord drops off earlier)

If your baby becomes ill at any time, you should bring him/her to your doctor. It is important if you see any of the following:
1. Vomiting (Not just spitting up)
2. Not sucking or nursing well or strongly several times in a row
3. More than 2 or 3 watery bowel movement in a day (After 2 weeks). Especially if not on breast feeding
4. Lack of normal activity or hard to wake up / lethargy
5. Temperature over 37.7 Degree Centigrade
6. Jaundice (After 3 weeks)
7. Bleeding, pus or very bad smell at the umbilical cord (Naval) or circumcision site
8. A lot more crying or a strange sounding cry
  • Anyone want to elaborate on this strange sounding cry? I for one have not encountered this before..
9. A cough that does not go away
10. An unusual or sever rash

 Hope these information helps when you are looking after your baby. But like i say said, these are purely informational. If in the event that you feel that your newborn is not developing right or showing signs of abnormal signs and symptoms, please do not hesitate to consult your doctor!


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