Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fever - tips on tackling them

Children's fever has always been the number one headache for all parents. Imagine the increased in crying and fussiness your child exhibits. Here are few tips which i have acquired over the years, hope it helps:

My test subject: 3 year old daughter
  1. Sponging : Sponging really helps to cool your child down. Not only will they feel better, they will also join in the fun by sponging themselves. No requirement to buy a good sponge though, normal cloth will do. But do remember to prepare another set of clothes after sponging, you don't want them to catch a cold as well.
  2. Glucose drink: Does your child refuses to eat? Why not try glucose drink. I found out this tip the hard way when i brought my child down to the hospital, her fever was close to 40 degrees and she just refuses to eat anything or vomits whatever she had eaten. So the nurse made her a glucose drink, and guess what, she drank it all up. Apparently, it tasted sweet. Glucose drink can be bought at your local supermarkets, add a few scoops and top it up with water and thats it! If your child tend to be fussy, you can try those glucose with added flavours such as orange or blackcurrant. Colored water tend to attract the kids as well. Word of caution though, i would only give glucose as my last resort if my child simply refuses to eat or drink. I stll feel that milk formula or decent meals should be given instead. So parents, understand your situation before reacting.
  3. Cooling gel paste( for forehead): Whoever invented this is a god sent, i will always stock up on gel paste whenever i can. And 1 box will always be in the fridge to be ready for usage. My advice, buy 2 or boxes. You never know when you need it.
  4. Thermometer: Parents, please invest in a good thermometer. Preferably those that can tell the reading within seconds. Can you imagine the frustration when they are furiously fighting you from letting you take their temperature?! Technology has been advancing everyday and thermometers have improved drastically, so don't save money. Buy a good one!!
Disclaimer : All posts are based on blogger's experience and solely for informational purposes. 


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