Monday, December 30, 2013

Choosing the right milk bottle



I believe this is one of the process which all soon to be parents will go through. Finding the right milk bottle. Although our government strongly encourages breast feeding, what they do not understand is that majority of the mothers are working mums. Once the 4 months maternity leave is up, there are basically two options. Buy a mechanical breast pump and pump out the milk and store it in the fridge for later use; hopefully a caretaker can warm it up and feed the baby or switch to formula milk. Majority of mums chose the latter. Because it is just too convenient, can you imagine using the breast pump in the middle of the night or during your free time. Believe me, it is very tiring. From a daddy's point of view....

Hence we decided to embark on a mini journey to find the right milk bottle for our little baby girl. Being clueless, i thought that it was an easy process. I mean, how hard can it be!? Its just a bottle, right?

Well, i was wrong. I can still remember the day when i stood in front of a gigantic shelf (It was really gigantic) of baby bottles. In all shapes and sizes. I took one box and looked at the description. One word baffled me. "Colic", i started scratching my head. Apparently, this bottle was designed in such a way that can assist in preventing colic. Whats COLIC?! I shoved that aside, picked up another brand, this one stated feeding nipple is shaped naturally liked the nipples of the mother. Your child would not be able to tell the difference. Hmm..i not too sure about that. Hence, the rest of the day was spent checking the type of bottles. 

There came a point in time where we decided to get some assistance from the sales marketer..Hence, another half and hour was spent introducing the products to us. Eventually we were comtemplating between two brands. 

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Complete Starter Set
This was one of the newest brands and from the description, it sort of states that it is the one and for all usage bottle. It promises to prevent colic, nipples were shaped naturally to a mother's nipple, easy to hold for baby, environmentally safe, etc.  **Check out here for the latest designs and specifications, cause when we bought this bottle, it was 5 years ago and up till now Tommy Tippee have actually introduced some new features.

Philips AVENT BPA Free Classic Polypropylene Essentials Gift Set
Heard this was one of the highly recommended brands from majority of mothers. It also has the same features as described from Tommy Tippee milk bottles. **Check out here for the latest designs and specifications.

In the end, we settled on the former, Tommy Tippee. The shape of the bottle was rather unique and we believed that it will be much easier for a baby to hold.
Fast forward 5 years, our baby girl have finally grown up and this bottle has actually accompanied her through her growing up phase. The bottle is still in good condition and she is still occasionally drinking from it. But of the course the feeding nipples were changed every half yearly as my daughter tend to bite it while drinking causing the rubber feeding hole to split. Ouch...

Big hole in the feeding nippleStill looking good!

When our second daughter was born, we decided to use Avent this time round. Both brands have actually served us well and we have no complaints about it. Oh, if you are curious on whether the bottles prevent any colic, my answer is,  we had good night sleeps while they were using the bottles. :). But of course it varies between different babies. We were lucky.... 

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Weekend Outings

Finally! After some planning, we have decided to have some family time last weekend.

Our first stop: Dairy Farm Nature Park
I'm glad that that we have such a huge park and my kids simply love coming here. The first thing that my daughter would always do, was to take pictures!
Not very sure why she took this shot, i edited it to enhance the stone's presence.

Another of her "creative" shots. Apparently the snail left its house behind..maybe upgrading to a bigger one..

Baby sister fell and took a tumble.Minor scratches. Point to note, no running on uneven ground....

Decided to proceed for our next stop, dark cloud looming. Seems like its gonna rain anytime soon. While moving back to our car, we saw a family of monkeys. Sensing their hostility, decided not to provoke them. Took the photos from afar...really very far...

Super heavy rain!!! Made the right decision of leaving early, else our family outing would have been cut short.

Next Stop: Nirvana Memorial Garden
We decided to drop by to visit my late great-grandmother. Her ashes was moved to this fantastic place last year. People always believed that crematoriums were eerie places and by all means would avoid visiting. But Nirvana Memorial Garden broke the tradition, the atmosphere here is warm and comfortable. Nothing like the eerie crematoriums you have seen in movies or dramas.

*Anyone who is interested to view the place can call up my agent.(Drop me a mail/comment) She will gladly give you a tour.

 Next Stop: Jurong Point Shopping Center
Mummy's favorite shopping place. Kerin is feeling the strain, decided to stay behind and accompany daddy. While mummy embarks on her quest for woman's wear and accessories.


Jurong Point was our last stop, time passes very fast when you are having fun! Who says Singapore has no fun places to explore?! If you took the time to plan the trip, everywhere would be a great place for families to hang out.

Pregnant Daddy
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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The tablet generation


While dining at MacDonald with my kids,  i happen to notice this particular family sitting right in front of us. What caught my attention was actually their kids, both the boys were generally about 5 to 6 years old. They were sitting quietly at their tables, you must be thinking that its perfectly normal and their parents must have disciplined them well. Except that their eyes were actually glued to the tablets that they were holding, one of them was playing "Candy Crush" and the other was playing some monster slashing game.While the maid was happily feeding the fries into their mouths, their focus were never diverted, eyes straight at the tablet with their mouths munching the fries in synchrony. In my mind, they were just like robots...

I am guilty of such behavior as well, so i can't complain much. There were times where my kids just simply can't sit quietly at one corner and the only way to “calm" them down would be to whip out my tablet and let them play my favorite game, candy crush. Surprisingly, it worked...but what i will always do is this :
  • No playing and eating at the same time, let them make the decision of doing only one thing at one time. Let them focus only on one activity. My emphasis here is "focus". What i am trying to do here is to build up their concentration, i have seen many kids doing too many things at one time. Have you tried listening to music and studying at the same time?
  • Playing games is only limited within a certain timing, i generally allow minimum 15 minutes and they will be the ones to check the timing and stop once the time is up. I would prefer that they willingly hand me the tablet rather than i snatch it back from them. Hopefully, such actions would instill some discipline in their daily activities.
  • If they want to play, they have to share. I will never buy identical toys, this will result in playing by themselves and not together. My eldest will always make an effort to share her toys with her cousins. But sometimes desires can cloud her judgement and petty fights or arguments do happen. However, I will not interfere or solve their problem, they will solve it themselves.
I may look like a very strict dad, but at the end of the day, what i want is to provide the best for my kids. Rather than buying expensive toys or electronics and letting them play endlessly. why not teach them your life lessons or stuffs which you experienced along the way, impart skills and knowledge so that they can become better adults.
Pregnant Daddy
To boldly go where no daddys has gone before

Friday, August 16, 2013

I learned...

  • I learned that the first day that my kid was born, my days of partying will have to stop,
  • I learned that breast milk is the most important source of food, and an automatic breast pump is better than the manual ones,  
Medela Breast Pump Philips Avent Breast Pump
  • I learned to start remembering the sizes and brand of diaper my kid wears, so that i won't keep buying the wrong ones,
Pampers Drypers
  • I learned to prepare the right temperature of milk formula so that my kid will not be scalded by the hot water,
  • I learned to clean up the house, so that my kid can roam freely and mess up the place again,
  • I learned that feeding time is the most fun moment for the kids, cause i had to make funny faces to get them to eat, 
  • I learned to control my temper whenever my kids tries to irritate me but all they wanted was just to get my attention,
  • I learned to cherish the minute things that i used to have cause my kids tend to destroy them without you knowing,
  • I learned that spending time with my kids is better than playing the Xbox or Playstation,
  • I learned that Elmo was once my best friend and its great that he is still around entertaining us,

Playskool Sesame Street Big Hugs Elmo Plush
  • I learned to sing the nursery rhymes, although not to the correct tunes but as long as my kid likes them, i'm already a super star, 
  • I learned to identify the toys my kids like, so that i know what to buy for their birthday,
  • I learned that almost every item is edible or chewable and i have to ensure that they are cleaned, 
  • I learned to save my money, so that i can prepare for their high cost of education,

But most of all, i learned that there are still more things to learn and graduation is still a long way to go....

Pregnant Daddy
To boldly go where no daddys have gone  

Friday, August 9, 2013

Singapore 48th National Day

First of all, i would like to say Happy 48th National Day Singapore!!! Its great to be part of the celebration, but we couldn't get the tickets to the floating platform, looks like have to settle with the TV at home...again.

My daughter can't wait to celebrate this event and she has actually volunteered to make the National Flag, i was quite surprised and this time without me suggesting in the first place. Looks like her child care center has taught her well.  In fact the center started the celebration earlier and she told me that she had a great time and hence wanted to bring the same atmosphere to our home. Before i knew it, she had started to make the Singapore flag.

Coloring my flag

Nothing too fanciful, but 100 marks for the effort!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Why the name "Pregnant Daddy"??


I have received questions about my blog name "Pregnant Daddy". Alot of people were wondering why i gave such a strange name. Is it because that i am really pregnant? Or am i actually a woman posing as a man writing for the blog? Well, to clear the air. I am indeed a man and no i am not pregnant. To make it easier to explain, i have uploaded a picture of myself carrying my kid in a baby carrier. Initially, i wanted to call myself "Carrier Daddy". But it sounds weird and distant. I wanted to have a name that portrays my close bond with my kids and also a catchy name that people can remember easily. It took me a few days, and it only struck me when i was looking at my wife's photo. She was few months pregnant when i took a photo of her. In that photo, her two hands were touching her stomach and she was feeling for the baby's movements.  To me, it is the greatest thing that a woman can experience. And for me to imitate or experience such phenomenon, the best alternative would be carrying my kid on a baby carrier. Hence, when the opportunity came, i took this picture. My kid's hands safely held by if i was pregnant. 

Origins of Pregnant Daddy

Pregnant Daddy
To boldly go where no daddys has gone before!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hello Kitty Toy from Macdonald's

Why are everyone so crazy about the Minions! I would rather have this! This was actually given out by Macdonald's when you purchase their Happy Meal. Brought a smile to my daughter too!

Hello Kitty Spinning Toy
bought with Macdonald's Happy Meal


Monday, July 29, 2013

Throwing tantrums

Lets face it, there is no where in the world whereby a kid does not throw tantrums! Rather than letting them get away with it, why not try out some tricks to calm them down. Exercise with caution though, not all kids are the same!

1. The "STARE"
Works on : 3 year and above kids
I did this at a local mall while i was window shopping with my kid. As you all know, the minute they see the toy department. All hell breaks loose, its toy grabbing time! But being a good daddy, i decided to stay around for 15 minutes to let her bask in the wonders of toy land. She could never have been happier. But what i did not emphasize or tell her was that we are not gonna buy any toys, just play and put it back once you're done. Well, as predicted i decided to end the fun and instructed to move off. Suddenly, it started with a stomping, next was the arms swinging and the first word she uttered was "NO"! I added with "Its time to go". Her response was a loud wailing and eventually she started to cry. People were watching us and i needed to find a solution quick. Suddenly i remembered that whenever i irritated my wife while doing stuffs she doesn't like, she would give me the cold stare and
i would be instantly transformed into a little puppy. Hence i decided to try that. I stopped talking and gave her a stern look, It helps if your face has this natural fierce look. The weird thing happened. She stopped crying. This method works a few times, but kids are smart and they evolve to realize that my stare is not scary sometimes. Hence gotta improvise or use other methods.

2. Counting down or counting up
Works on : 3 year and above kids or below if they know how to count... 
When i mean counting down or up, i literally meant to start counting 1, 2, 3  or 3, 2, 1.  I got this tip from one of my colleagues while we were chatting about each others kids. Apparently, whenever his kid throws a tantrum, he would respond by saying "Look, i am gonna start counting. And when that ends, you better stop your screaming". The crying continues, "3"! The crying still continues..."2"! The crying still continues. "1"! Magically, the crying minimizes and the situation was under control. I was quite skeptical initially, but when the opportunity arises i decided to give it a try. It did worked majority of the times and i can tell that my kid knows that i am serious. It seems that they have this perception whereby if they do not control themselves when i complete my counting, something bad will happen to them. But the funny thing is this, i never for once told them what would happen if they do not stop once i finish counting...
I have been using this trick frequently, works good for me!

3. Ice Cream or any other sweet stuff
Works on 2 years and above kids. 
Need i say more? sweet stuff, who doesn't love them. But be prepared to clean up the mess though.
I don't use this often, coz gotta fork out money to coax them. Unless i feel like having some ice cream

4. Distract them
Works on 1 year and above kids, especially when they start to understand and speak simple words
My second daughter seems to respond to this trick very well. Every time she starts crying uncontrollably, i would say. "Where's the monkey? Can you find the monkey?" Then i will start pointing around asking her whether the monkey is there or at another place. Amazingly, my daughter will stop crying and began searching for the monkey! If finding monkey doesn't work for you, then improvise! As long as it can distract them, it will work!
I use this frequently too, its fun to find the non-existent monkey

Well, i guess that's all i have for the moment.If there's anyone who is keen to share. Feel free to drop your comments! I look forward to more tips and tricks!

Pregnant Daddy
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Thursday, July 18, 2013

My second reason to smile for every single day...


My second angel

Wednesday, May 1, 2013




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