Friday, August 16, 2013

I learned...

  • I learned that the first day that my kid was born, my days of partying will have to stop,
  • I learned that breast milk is the most important source of food, and an automatic breast pump is better than the manual ones,  
Medela Breast Pump Philips Avent Breast Pump
  • I learned to start remembering the sizes and brand of diaper my kid wears, so that i won't keep buying the wrong ones,
Pampers Drypers
  • I learned to prepare the right temperature of milk formula so that my kid will not be scalded by the hot water,
  • I learned to clean up the house, so that my kid can roam freely and mess up the place again,
  • I learned that feeding time is the most fun moment for the kids, cause i had to make funny faces to get them to eat, 
  • I learned to control my temper whenever my kids tries to irritate me but all they wanted was just to get my attention,
  • I learned to cherish the minute things that i used to have cause my kids tend to destroy them without you knowing,
  • I learned that spending time with my kids is better than playing the Xbox or Playstation,
  • I learned that Elmo was once my best friend and its great that he is still around entertaining us,

Playskool Sesame Street Big Hugs Elmo Plush
  • I learned to sing the nursery rhymes, although not to the correct tunes but as long as my kid likes them, i'm already a super star, 
  • I learned to identify the toys my kids like, so that i know what to buy for their birthday,
  • I learned that almost every item is edible or chewable and i have to ensure that they are cleaned, 
  • I learned to save my money, so that i can prepare for their high cost of education,

But most of all, i learned that there are still more things to learn and graduation is still a long way to go....

Pregnant Daddy
To boldly go where no daddys have gone  

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