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Choosing the right milk bottle



I believe this is one of the process which all soon to be parents will go through. Finding the right milk bottle. Although our government strongly encourages breast feeding, what they do not understand is that majority of the mothers are working mums. Once the 4 months maternity leave is up, there are basically two options. Buy a mechanical breast pump and pump out the milk and store it in the fridge for later use; hopefully a caretaker can warm it up and feed the baby or switch to formula milk. Majority of mums chose the latter. Because it is just too convenient, can you imagine using the breast pump in the middle of the night or during your free time. Believe me, it is very tiring. From a daddy's point of view....

Hence we decided to embark on a mini journey to find the right milk bottle for our little baby girl. Being clueless, i thought that it was an easy process. I mean, how hard can it be!? Its just a bottle, right?

Well, i was wrong. I can still remember the day when i stood in front of a gigantic shelf (It was really gigantic) of baby bottles. In all shapes and sizes. I took one box and looked at the description. One word baffled me. "Colic", i started scratching my head. Apparently, this bottle was designed in such a way that can assist in preventing colic. Whats COLIC?! I shoved that aside, picked up another brand, this one stated feeding nipple is shaped naturally liked the nipples of the mother. Your child would not be able to tell the difference. Hmm..i not too sure about that. Hence, the rest of the day was spent checking the type of bottles. 

There came a point in time where we decided to get some assistance from the sales marketer..Hence, another half and hour was spent introducing the products to us. Eventually we were comtemplating between two brands. 

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Complete Starter Set
This was one of the newest brands and from the description, it sort of states that it is the one and for all usage bottle. It promises to prevent colic, nipples were shaped naturally to a mother's nipple, easy to hold for baby, environmentally safe, etc.  **Check out here for the latest designs and specifications, cause when we bought this bottle, it was 5 years ago and up till now Tommy Tippee have actually introduced some new features.

Philips AVENT BPA Free Classic Polypropylene Essentials Gift Set
Heard this was one of the highly recommended brands from majority of mothers. It also has the same features as described from Tommy Tippee milk bottles. **Check out here for the latest designs and specifications.

In the end, we settled on the former, Tommy Tippee. The shape of the bottle was rather unique and we believed that it will be much easier for a baby to hold.
Fast forward 5 years, our baby girl have finally grown up and this bottle has actually accompanied her through her growing up phase. The bottle is still in good condition and she is still occasionally drinking from it. But of the course the feeding nipples were changed every half yearly as my daughter tend to bite it while drinking causing the rubber feeding hole to split. Ouch...

Big hole in the feeding nippleStill looking good!

When our second daughter was born, we decided to use Avent this time round. Both brands have actually served us well and we have no complaints about it. Oh, if you are curious on whether the bottles prevent any colic, my answer is,  we had good night sleeps while they were using the bottles. :). But of course it varies between different babies. We were lucky.... 

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