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Pregnant Daddy was actually created around end 2008, the reason for this blog during that time was to post about how i prepared myself for the arrival of my first daughter. As the adrenaline starts to build up when i realized that i was gonna be a dad soon, things started going haywire. I did not know what to expect, who to seek advice and most of how to be a great and inspiring dad. On the other hand, my wife was coping fairly well. I guess her mother instincts have finally kicked in. Seems like daddys are the weakest link in the field of pregnancy and parenting..haha, or is it just me?!

Hence i decided to create Pregnant-Daddy blog. In here you will find picture moments and interesting tips on how to survive with your baby(when MUMMY is not around).

Fast forward to present, 2013.

Yes, i admit. I have been a little bit lazy and my postings are not that frequent. But hey, i'm a working dad. So please forgive me. Time flies and its already been 5 years!! I am quite different as compared to who i was at 2008. I am already a dad with 2 wonderful kids, there is not a day i will miss to be with them! I am definitely more experienced in handling them and hence readers can expect more tips on how to survive with your baby. (of course, when MUMMY is not around). I look forward to your comments and hopefully some tips from you too!

Pregnant Daddy,
 To boldly go where no daddys has gone before!

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